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About Me

Hello & Welcome to Aiveen's Nutrition!


I'm Aiveen, a passionate and experienced sports nutritionist dedicated to helping athletes achieve their performance and wellness goals. With a deep-rooted love for both sports and nutrition, I have made it my mission to empower individuals to optimize their athletic potential through proper fueling and targeted nutritional strategies.

Based in Ireland, I have my Bachelors degree (BSc) in Human Nutrition & my Masters degree (MSc) in Sports and Exercise Nutrition.

My approach is centered around personalized care, as I firmly believe that every athlete is unique and deserves a individualized approach. Together, we will optimize your energy levels, improve performance, promote efficient recovery, and enhance overall well-being.

Let's work together to elevate your performance, enhance your well-being, and unleash your true athletic potential!

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I worked alongside Aiveen for the my indoor block and her knowledge made a huge difference to my approach and attitude towards nutrition especially when it came to recovery and refuelling. Aiveen not only took into consideration my needs as an athlete but also other vital aspects such as my age and my workload and my work life balance. I had a long 10 days at the recent World Indoor Championships and without Aiveens help I certainly wouldn't of navigated 7 rounds.  I couldn't recommend Aiveen enough to any athlete.

Aiveen is friendly, approachable & very reliable. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her where I learned so much about nutrition & my general health. 
My lifestyle has changed for the better thanks to Aiveen’s guidance & with the knowledge I have gained I have become a healthier person. I have more energy & my mood is much better too!



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