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1:1 Nutrition

  • Competition, event or race day nutritional strategies

  • Nutritional periodisation

  • Supplements and anti-doping procedures

  • Prevention and recovery from injury and illness

  • Navigating travel, eating out and social engagements

  • Relationship with food and exercise

  • Improve cooking skills, meal prepping/planning, food shopping

  • Address nutritional deficiencies

  • Pre, intra- & post-exercise nutrition

  • Hydration & Electrolyte strategies

  • Minimizing gastrointestinal symptoms during exercise 

  • RED-S, menstrual cycle disturbances or transitioning out of Low Energy Availability

  • Day-to-day nutrition to support health and wellbeing

  • Improve body composition (lose fat, gain muscle mass).

Citrus Fruits


What is Included:

  • Introduction to Nutrition basics

  • Nutrition for Energy & Performance

  • Hydration Strategies

  • Pre Training/Race/Match Nutrition

  • Post Training/Race/Match Nutrition

  • Supplement Advice

  • Body Composition & Weight Management

  • Eating habits while travelling

  • Q&A Session

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